We're bringing L.O.F.T. GOLF back...NOW! February 26 2016

Hello lofters, I hope you're doing well!  I'm going to be completely candid with you and hope to garner some invaluable feedback from you, if you'd be so kind.

We recently retained a very reputable consulting agency to attempt to bring our brand to the next level, and learned a lot!  Our first step, prior to speaking with anyone, was to provide them with samples of our shirts, and asked them for a truthful evaluation, which we got, and it was VERY positive.  We got very high grades for the fit, feel and craftsmanship of our polos.  We provided them with all the attributes, ie; UPF 50++ Sun Protection, Antimicrobial & Antistatic treatments, double stitching, etc., and they were quite impressed...which pleased us, didn't surprise us, but pleased us none the less.  I personally spoke with the president of the firm, at length, and really poured my heart out to him regarding our frustrations of trying to grow L.O.F.T. GOLF as an industry leader, and here's what he how it went...

We spoke about the quality of the product and he was impressed.  We spoke about the untold thousands we've spent to properly promote the brand (Facebook ads, print ads, golf shows, Amazon, etc.).  He asked about the brand's vision...what sets us apart from so many other quality golf brands on the market.  I explained that we launched our brand with hopes of creating a worldwide community of fun loving golfers.  We spoke about our quick rise to almost 7,500 Facebook fans, 8,200 Twitter followers, as well as thousands more through Linked In and Instagram.  I explained that we were growing so quickly on our social media platforms and BOOM!, it all but stopped, I had no idea why.  We discussed what led to such early growth on social media, and what may have changed.  I explained that we're a fun brand...he didn't understand what I meant by "fun brand", so we talked more.  I said "well, we're different, people love the name L.O.F.T. GOLF, they love the acronym".  He had no idea what I was speaking about, not being a golfer himself, it was just another brand name.  I apologized and felt embarrassed that I just assumed everyone know what the L.O.F.T. stands for...so I told him...there was an awkward amount of silence, followed by laughter.  "Are you kidding me", he asked.  Umm, no, I replied.  He stated that he spent some time on our social media pages, website and Amazon and there was no evidence of that, not even a hint.  He loved the concept and asked me why we kept that such a secret, how did you guys grow so fast early on...what exactly changed.  I paused a bit, swallowed hard and explained...I changed, I screwed up.  When we first launched we were the Lack Of F&$%ing Talent brand, and proud of it!  People loved the concept, even before we started manufacturing our shirts, they loved the brand, the logo, the parody.  As we grew as a brand, apparently my testicles shrunk!  I single-handedly changed the brand from our mission to a politically correct and boring brand...shame on me!  Our website, Facebook page, etc., make us appear to be just another boring golf apparel brand, yup, I stripped our identity, I stripped OUR identity because you guys are just as much L.O.F.T. GOLF as we are.  I am truly sorry!  When we started out we were a powerhouse, we were a unique brand with an attitude.  We had countless interview requests.  People just couldn't get enough of our cool concept!  As we grew, and I invested hundreds of thousands of my own dollars (we have no debt, no investors, I own 100% of the company) I got scared, very scared...I've never been scared in business so this was new to me.  Our customer base is almost evenly divided between our male and female clientele, I couldn't afford to offend any of them, so we changed, we became a "me too" brand.  It was pointed out to me that our marketing became too corporate and we no longer had the edge that made us successful.  Our consultant had gone way back to our earliest social media posts and said "now I get why you guys launched strong"...what happened.  I explained that we posted a couple of risqué posts and got some backlash from 'em so I apologized and deleted the posts immediately.  NO MORE!  L.O.F.T. GOLF is back to what made you love us in the first place.  We realize that although our polos are the best golf shirt money can buy, that's not why you're here. In all my years of business I have never taken the path of least resistance, and I'm not doin' it now!  Our sites will never be vulgar but I refuse to hide behind a politically correct charade out of concern of upsetting the thin skinned any longer. We had a mission when we created this brand and community, and we're getting back to it.

I apologize for the length of this post, but it's been long overdue.  We ask you for your help in 'relaunching' the greatest brand in golf.  How can you help?  Please let everyone know who L.O.F.T. GOLF is, why you support us, what makes us so unique.  Please share our posts, invite your friends to not only become a 'Fan' on Facebook, but to help us with providing great content of their greatest L.O.F.T. stories, we all have 'em.  It's going to take a lot of work to return to 'your' brand and we've even brought on extra help to make it happen. 

If you made it this far, I personally thank you!  Please feel free to tell us your thoughts, what you love about what we do, what you hate about what we do.  Let's together work to bring our dopey brand back to it's prominence, you will be rewarded for your assistance!