About Us – L.O.F.T. GOLF


L.O.F.T. GOLF was created several years ago with only one thing in mind; creating the world’s finest golf apparel at  affordable prices! We realized that most people, us included, weren’t very good at the game, but we shouldn’t be penalized with having to wear inferior products. We, at L.O.F.T. GOLF, are well aware that 85% of golfers on this planet just aren’t that good! We embrace you 85%ers and offer you an outstanding product that shows the world that, even if your score isn’t great, you are! Our fast growing brand is worn by everyone from scratch golfers to people shooting in the 150’s, and everyone in between.  Just because your golf game is bad doesn’t mean your golf apparel should be, and that’s where we come in. Here’s what makes us L.O.F.T. GOLF!

The Brand 

We started off releasing a very cool logo, and it quickly began attracting fans. We threw our sweet logo on other company’s products and people bought ‘em, just to get the logo. The more we looked at things, the more we realized that we needed to provide our fans (now referred to as LOFTers) with a much higher quality product, and that’s what we set out to do. We realized that to really enter this very competitive world of golf apparel, it was going to take a lot more than a cool logo, so we went to work!


The Shirts

We researched, literally for years, to find a product worthy of our beloved L.O.F.T. GOLF logo. We shopped around the world, paid untold thousands for samples, and tested hundreds of products to settle on a polo we were proud to put our logo on (and wear ourselves!) What we found was that no manufacturer on the planet offered what we wanted to offer you, so we created it ourselves, from the ground up. Everyone in the industry offers 100% moisture wicking polyester polos, but we knew we had to offer more…and we did! Besides our shirts being some of the nicest styles you’ve ever seen, we went way beyond. Every L.O.F.T. GOLF polo is not only 100% moisture wicking polyester, but each of these fantastic shirts has also been carefully treated with antistatic and antimicrobial treatments. We feel that not only should your shirt be really comfortable, but it shouldn’t stink as much as your last round did!  As golfers, we also understand that polyester shirts become untucked, and we hate that, too. To compensate, we added an extra 2” to the “trunk” of every L.O.F.T. GOLF polo in order to prevent that awful untucking that we all hate. Our research has proven that 2” is enough to prevent untucking but not so much that you’re sitting on a shirt ball.  We continued with our awesome engineering and even added double stitching to EVERY seam, important or not.


The Commitment

Of all the brands out there, we don't know of a single one that goes to this length in the design of their shirts, and this explains why we sleep nights, and they don’t! That’s why we are able to offer you, our valued customer (and soon to be LOFTer), a 100% LIFETIME warranty against manufacturing defects. That's right... If, ever, your L.O.F.T. GOLF product lets you down, as a result of a manufacturer’s defect, just send it back and we’ll send you a new one, no questions asked! Now, it’s important that you understand, a snag in the shirt is NOT a manufacturer’s defect. Although our products are manufactured using the most durable, tightly woven materials in the industry, we guarantee you can snag ‘em if you work hard enough. What we’re saying is, on the very small chance a seam should let go, ship it back and we’ll blitz you out a replacement faster than you can say FORE… FREE!