We made it to Orlando!! January 27 2009

The LOFT crew finally made it to Orlando for the PGA Merchandise Show.  We arrived Monday night and spent the day setting up the booth.  It looks great!  OK, here's a travel tip for all you 'lofters':if you are preparing to make a 1.300 mile road trip, before you leave town, stop in at McDonalds.  Order 2 Big Macs ('cause you have the buy-one-get-one-free coupon), order a medium Coke and hit the road.  Why, you ask, is this a travel tip?  Once you've eaten 2 Big Macs you will be tasting them for at least 12 hours, saving you both time and money on future food purchases!  More we learned on our journey:  When you stop to get a hotel, there's no reason to spend a lot for your rooms.  Stop at a Super 8 hotel and order a non-smoking room.  If you're at he place we stayed they'll put you in a sweet room right next door to the laundry room for no extra charge.  This room will allow you to here the maids and laundry personnel speaking in loud voices ALL night.  Yup, no need to whisper here, we're up and that's all that matters.  It wasn't a real fun trip down but thank God we're all safe and ready to introduce L.O.F.T. GOLF to the world!  Wish us luck!  We hope to see you there!