Sizing – L.O.F.T. GOLF

An Important Note Regarding Sizes

You may have noticed that over the past several years, apparel sizing has been shrinking, and that's not by accident. When a company orders their textiles for manufacturing clothing, all, they just want to squeeze as many garments as possible out of those big ol' rolls of expensive fabric. How do they accomplish that? It's quite simple, really; they reduce the size of the finished product, kinda like the breakfast cereal companies did!

L.O.F.T. GOLF refuses to scrimp on any aspect of quality, INCLUDING sizing. If you purchase most top quality shirts, you'll notice that they fit like you used to remember them fitting in the past, and L.O.F.T. GOLF is no exception! Every one of our polos are "true size," which means that if you generally wear an XL in an off-brand shirt, you'll probably want to order a large from us. Not only are our shirts "true size," but they also have an additional 2" added to the trunk to ensure that they don't come untucked!